Three Benefits of Burning Incense Outside

Burning incense outside is great for your health as well as the environment. You’re allowing yourself to get outside and experience nature for what it is, rather than being cramped up in your house. The ash is great for the soil, but be sure to always put out your flame or let the incense stick completely burn down before you walk away.

Here are three benefits to burning incense outside.

1. Ash Benefits the Soil

They say wildfires are great for helping nature find new ground to restart.

The ash that comes from burning items is actually great for the soil. It is easily broken down and can help the soil regain nutrients that it may have lost over time.

The more organic the incense sticks the better. This refrains from adding unnecessary chemicals into the soil that could potentially harm the environment.

If you’re burning incense at home, consider adding the ash leftover to your plants, herbs, and vegetables. If you already have enough fertilizer for them, you can add the ash to a simple compost bin.

2. Better for Your Health

Regularly burning incense indoors is not great for your health. Especially if you’re burning it multiple times a day. Inhaling that smoke can potentially hurt your lungs in the long run.

By burning it outside, you’re allowing the smoke to burn into the air where it can disperse. Just try to avoid where the smoke is blowing.

Not only that, but you’ll benefit from being outdoors for your health. The sun is one of the best ways to get Vitamin D into your system, which is needed to help our body function properly.

3. Cleanses and Recharges Your Energies

Incense is burned for multiple different reasons, like to cleanse the air around you, add fragrance to the room, or set a mood. When burning throughout the house, you’re helping the negative energies find their way out of the house to be cleansed and recharged by the Earth. But you could use some recharging as well.

By heading outside, you’re allowing yourself to be both cleansed and recharged. If you live near a beach or body of water that you can swim in, this is one of the best places to recharge. Running water constantly washes away negative energy and brings positive energy from the life of the water to refill you.

The Benefits of Burning Incense Outside Can Give You a Peace of Mind

The benefits of burning incense will branch into helping you meditate as well. When you’re outside in the forest, lake, beach, or even a park, you’re surrounded by nature. It can be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle that the world will surround you with.

Just be sure to always let the incense burn down. Optimally, burn cones with a wide dish. This will allow the ash to be caught and then you can spread it effectively. Rather than letting the still hot ash fall onto the ground while it is still burning on a cone and risk a fire.

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