Where to Get an Oracle Reading for Free

If you want to dip your toes into the cartomancy waters without diving in headfirst then a free reading could be a good beginner option. However, free readings do have their drawbacks, in fact, I would almost recommend you purchase a beginner-friendly deck and go from there rather than wind up using a free card generator online. But nevertheless, let’s take a look at the options when it comes to free oracle card readings.

Pros and Cons of Free Oracle Card Readings

As with anything, there are a few pros and cons to scheduling free oracle card readings. Let’s take a closer look.

Pros of Free Oracle Readings

The big pro is the whole ‘free’ factor. We love free things. A free doesn’t automatically mean bad. If you schedule a reading with a person who has a knack for the cartomancy then you may find your experience to be quite positive.

A free reading from another person (online or in person) will also give you a chance to experience different decks in action. Oracle decks aren’t generally too pricey but they aren’t five bucks a pop either. It’s always a bummer to invest $20 to $50 into a deck you end up not connecting with. However, experiencing a free reading from another person with a larger collection of decks to pick from could give you the opportunity to decide if you actually like a deck or if it was a snap decision destined for buyer’s remorse.

Cons of Free Oracle Readings

There are few things in life that are truly free. Oracle readings fall into that category. While you may be on the hunt for free reading to determine if it’s something you want to invest your money into, then I’ll caution you off the bat that you may find these free readings to be of a lower quality. This is because they are either coming from a generated tool online, are being done for the masses via social media, or are carried out by someone who is new to the craft.

This could potentially lead you or the person you’re recommending to try out a reading to be turned off oracle decks by their experience.

Where to Get a Free Oracle Card Reading

If you’re still unsure about putting money into a reading, then consider a few free options first. Remember, getting a professional reading is going to cost you. Free readings usually come from those just starting out and learning the ropes or via online generators (which we don’t personally consider to be accurate).

Here are three places you can get an oracle reading for free.

1. Online Generator

Sites like Heal Your Life, Colette Baron-Reid’s author site, Eva Tarot, and Diana Cooper’s author site all offer online card readings. There is a specific way to approach an online reading and most online tools will walk you through how to use their tool and focus on your query as you select a card. Personally, we find these types of generators to take the personal touch out of reading. It creates a generic, sterile feel to the reading that I feel detracts from the overall experience. However, given the right online deck, you may still find the experience to give you the guidance you’re looking for. This option really comes down to personal preference.

2. From Another Newbie In-Person

Have a family member or friend who is also learning about tarot and oracle cards? This is an excellent chance to give one another readings. Doing a reading for each other will help you both improve your skills in cartomancy as reading for another person is a much different experience than reading for yourself.

3. Via Social Media

Social media gives you access to tons of people in the cartomancy space, many of them new or aspiring card readers. They will often offer free or low-cost readings as they continue to work toward building their skills. Some card readers will also post readings in which you select a card (usually from three) and they then show you the card and give you a reading from it. These are obviously very generic readings done digitally to the masses so remember your mileage may vary.

Picking the Best Free Oracle Reading Option for You

When it comes to free oracle readings, it’s pretty easy to give them all a go and determine which are good fits and which aren’t. Testing out an online generator is as simple as clicking through on one of the sites we’ve included in this article or submitting a quick Google search. Many social media readings designs for the masses are easy to find with hashtags like #oraclecardreading and #oraclecardreadersofinstagram. The most difficult free option to track down are free readings via social media and free readings from a friend or family member.

Alternatively, find a card reader you like and invest in a paid reading. There are many in-person psychic shops you can go to or online readers available through personal sites or social media platforms.

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