How Often Should You Burn Incense?

The first few times you begin using incense will easily convince you that you should burn incense every second of every day. Whether you’re using them for the scent, the ambiance, or for spiritual purposes, incense sticks can add a lot to any atmosphere. However, you should still practice safe incense usage and this means limiting the frequency and burning only the highest quality incense.

You can burn your incense as often as you like, be it once a month or every day. According to studies, long-term incense use can significantly increase the risk of certain cancers. Correct use of incense can help to minimize any harmful effects with frequent incense burning. This means only burning in a ventilated area and avoiding direct inhalation of the smoke. You should also be careful to only burn incense that is organic and uses safe ingredients.

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Who Should Avoid Burning Incense

You should take additional precautions when burning incense if you meet one of the qualifications below:

  • Pregnant
  • Have Pets
  • Have Asthma or Other Respiratory Conditions

Those who are pregnant should seek medical advice from a professional before using incense. Those with pets should avoid usage of incense while pets are in the room. If you have asthma or another respiratory condition you should consider alternatives to burning incense.

Reputable Incense Brands

Incense, like anything else, can be a ‘dip your toes in’ or a ‘dive in head first’ situation. Do you want to know everything there is to know from types to usage to DIYing your own? Or would you rather buy a few packs and think about them no further than making sure they are safely burned? It’s up to you. But whether you want to go deeper into the world of incense or not, doing research is incredibly important not only for the enjoyment of using quality incense but also for your health.

We have had personal experiences with the following incense brands and enjoy using them:

We burn incense often but not frequently and the packs we bought when we first began exploring the world of incense are still lasting us through to today. Looking back, I would have done further research on these brands. These brands are more affordable and the Hem was actually purchased from the local metaphysical shop that I trust wholeheartedly. However, these incense brands are cheaper for a reason. They use mostly synthetic oils and materials.

While we frequently use the brands above, they may not be the right fit for your home. Please do additional research on any incense brand before purchasing and check the ingredients. Different ingredients can cause negative or undesirable effects.

Quality incense comes at a premium, while you could easily start with an affordable brand like Hem, if you’re looking for less synthetic smells for health or other reasons, try the following brands instead:

Alternatives to Incense

If you can’t burn incense or simply don’t feel comfortable with using it, not to worry! You have plenty of alternative options to pick from when it comes to improving scents and cleansing your home.

As always, use what feels right to you and your home and do your research before purchasing. Happy incense burning!

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