How to Store Oracle Cards

Whether your oracle deck came to you without a box or you discarded it along the way, most people aren’t a fan of leaving their decks out in the open. It’s not that anything bad is going to happen to your deck in the spiritual sense but rather your cat may get to it. (We’re talking cards thrown across the room—not a good time.)

Tip: If you do decide to leave your cards unwrapped and out in the open, we suggested letting a clear quartz keep it company. This keeps the energy clear and keeps your deck’s vibes level.

Now if you’re like us, leaving your cards out isn’t an option. So what is?

We’ve listed out all your options for oracle deck storage. We even threw in some storage tips for good measure. Check it out:

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Oracle Boxes

Oracle boxes made custom (usually from wood) are a great option for the seasoned oracle deck enthusiast. These can give an individual the opportunity to express their creativity or can be a great gift for someone you know who has a penchant for the metaphysical.

You can gather your own materials to make your own oracle box or can purchase one from a retailer such as Amazon. Oracle boxes are also available for purchase on Etsy from a number of talented shop owners.

Silk Scarf

Using a silk scarf is often recommended as the best form of storage as silk is said to shield from unwanted energies. This is the traditional way to store cards—not necessarily the right way. (Do what feels right for you and your deck, always.)

The major benefit to silk scarfs, or any scarf or wrap for that matter, as a storage option is its ability to moonlight as a reading cloth.

Oracle Bags and Pouches

Oracle bags are portable and you can find one that matches your style to a T. They offer decent protection to your decks and they’re easy to use thanks to the drawstring design.

There are two ways to store your cards in an oracle bag. You can place the entire deck in the pouch as-is. For an extra layer of protection, place the deck into a tuck box and then into the oracle bag. This will help to keep any of the cards from getting bent in a situation where the bag is awkwardly stored.

A major benefit of using an oracle bag is the extra storage space. You have room to include crystals or multiple decks when you use an oracle bag. (That’s a major benefit if you ask us!)

Original Oracle Packaging

Storing your oracle deck in the original packaging is by far the easiest option (and one that we recommend for those just getting started). Storing in the original packaging requires no further purchases.

If the cards come in a tuck box (think your average playing card box) then you may find the packaging wears out rather quickly. Deck display boxes, clamshell boxes, and other rigid boxes will be a bit sturdier in the long term. The one downfall here is if the packaging is big and bulky. If you have limited storage or travel with your oracle deck then some original oracle packing may not be the best storage option.

Oracle Storage Tips

Storing oracle decks goes beyond just the materials you protect them with. Check out these tips for storing oracle decks.

Store Your Oracle Cards With Clear Quartz

You may elect to store your oracle cards with a clear quartz. This aids in keeping your deck cleansed and ready for use the next time you need guidance.

Use a Reading Cloth If You Travel Frequently

You’ll want to consider how you use your decks when you decide on how you’ll be storing them. If you like to take your cards on the go then you may want to consider storing your cards in a cloth that can double as a reading cloth. This gives you a sacred space to store your cards while also giving you a sacred space for readings even when you’re away from home.

Cleanse Your Cards If You Haven’t Used Them Recently

If you’ve had a hiatus from reading your oracle cards (or have been getting less than helpful readings) it may be time to give your cards a cleanse. We’re not talking about soap and water.

To cleanse your oracle cards you’ll want to opt for a salt bath, bathing in sage or palo santo smoke, or laying the deck out under a full moon. But the options don’t stop there. Oracle cards can be cleansed using a singing bowl, a sunbath, through Reiki, and by using crystals among other methods.

Where Opulent Charms Stores Their Oracle Cards

Alright, as always, I’m here to give you insight into how I personally do things. Each and every oracle deck I own is in its original packaging. That’s right—original all the way.

I keep them on my nightstand and at times will keep the deck I’m working with by my desk (still always resting in its original packaging when not being used).

There’s just something about having the decks in their boxes. Mind you, all the decks I currently own came in nice packaging I don’t feel the need to replace. Personally, I would consider using pouches for any decks I acquire whose original packaging is inefficient or flimsy.

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